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    Welcome to Southern Biological

    "a world of learning"

    Our aim is to make science education easier for teachers and more interesting for students, so we choose new products that are innovative and at the leading edge, as well as being reliable and affordable.

    Practical Photosynthesis

    Teaching photosynthesis is made easier with these two products from Southern Biological.

    Variegated Geranium

    How does the presence of chlorophyll influence the production of starch on a plant leaf?
    Use this demonstration of photosynthesis using a variegated geranium specimen. An I/KI solution can be used to observe the change in starch concentrations on variegated leaves that have sections with and without chlorophyll.

    Click here for more information on variegated geranium cultures.

    Algal Ball Kit

    Would you like to observe the photosynthesis and respiration of algae by measuring CO2 concentration in solution?
    Southern Biological can provide the makings of algal balls (culture, indicator and sodium alginate) or alternatively, a ready made algal ball photosynthesis kit. Our hydrogen carbonate indicator, once added to the solution surrounding the balls will demonstrate the pH and hence the CO2 level. View colour changes from orange to purple in bright light (photosynthesis) and see it change back to orange (respiration) when in the dark.

    Click here for more information on our algal photosynthesis kit.