About Us

Southern Biological is a leading hands-on Australian science education company that has been supporting science educators for over 40 years. With an aim to provide educators with the finest products and services to help students of all ages engage with science.

Southern Biological provides an impressive range of; curriculum aligned educational resources, professional development workshops, student workshops and high-quality, innovative products. 

Southern Biological supplies everything from;
  • Living organisms
  • Biotechnology resources
  • Anatomical models
  • Medical Simulation
  • Prepared chemicals
  • Microscopes
  • Prepared microscope slides and more.

In addition to our own range of living cultures and educational kits and resources, we have exclusive distribution relationships with many of the world's leading science education companies; such as

  • 3B Scientific
  • Carolina Biological
  • MiniPCR Bio
  • Somso Modelle
  • 3B Scientific
  • Euromex Microscopen
  • Koken Medical
  • Molymod
  • Bone Clones
  • 3D Molecular

Striving to make science education easier for teachers and more enjoyable for students, Southern Biological balances being at the leading edge of innovation, with reliability and affordability.   


Southern Academic Pty Ltd

ABN: 94 630 703 810  ACN: 630 703 810