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Forensic Science

  • Case of the Murdered Mayor.

    For a class of 30 working in groups of 3. Students assume the role of crime scene investigators as they use their observational skills and deductive reasoning to solve a realistic crime scenario. They attempt to identify a prime suspect from a pool of 6...

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  • Fingerprint lifting tape, 50mm wide

    As used by the professionals this tape is extremely clear, allowing prints to be lifted without distorting or damaging the print or creating air bubbles and so maintaining the detail and integrity of the original print.

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  • Fingerprinting brush, Skye synthetic white

    This fingerprinting brush is used with traditional non-magnetic fingerprint powder. See FS20.22. It is recommended that you do not use mutliple coloured powders with this brush.  It has washable synthetic fibres.

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  • Forensic Chemistry of drug detection kit

    All of the students who ate the chili in the school cafeteria became ill. As forensic toxicologists, your students are directed to perform a series of chemical tests to determine whether aspirin, stolen from the nurse’s office, has been substituted...

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  • Forensic Chemistry of fuming for fingerprints kit

    Students lift latent fingerprints using the iodine and cyanoacrylate fuming techniques employed by forensic scientists. They then learn how to analyze and identify those fingerprints through various distinguishing characteristics. Materials are...

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  • Forensics mystery with synthetic blood kit

    Students perform a simulated test for the presence of blood on evidence collected from 2 suspects in a murder case. They then use synthetic blood typing to test whether either suspect can be linked to the crime. Kit contains enough materials for a class...

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  • Forensics mystery with synthetic blood kit, refill

    Refill for Carolina™ Forensics Mystery with Synthetic Blood Kit. Refill contains synthetic blood, antisera replacements, stained cloths, and phenolphthalein solution. Note: Use with Carolina™ Synthetic Blood products and accessories only. Not...

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  • Magnetic fingerprinting powder

    Magnetic fingerprinting powder

    Magnetic fingerprinting uses a magnetic fingerprint applicator (see FS20.25). The magnetic fingerprinting powder is able to develop prints on a variety of surfaces including fresh prints on paper. With the use of the spring loaded magnetic...

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  • Magnetic fingerprinting powder applicator

    Magnetic fingerprinting powder applicator

    This spring loaded applicator uses magnetic fingerprinting powder (FS20.25) to develop prints on many surfaces including paper with minimal waste. As the magnetic applicator removes excess powder for later re-use it makes it difficult to overdevelop...

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  • Mystery of Lyle and Louise: blood spatter analysis kit

    Grade 9 - College. Blood spatter is found at the cabin crime scene. Your students must ascertain how the spatter formed. Students first learn about the techniques for blood-spatter pattern analysis. Using a blood drop, students conduct an experiment...

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  • Who owns these bones kit

    This kit includes 3 replica bones of the skull, arm bone and leg bone of a "missing person". Students examine and identify these bones, using skeletal characteristics to determine race, gender and height, then they use this information to identify...

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  • Forensic bloodstain reagent, Luminol

    Forensic bloodstain reagent, Luminol

    Add a touch of realism to your forensic science class and turn your students into crime scene investigators! The Bluestar forensic bloodstain reagent system is based on luminol. It consists of two reagents in tablet form that are dissolved together in...

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