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Earth and Space Science

  • Screen sieve set, #6, #20, #40 and #100

    This set of four sieves is ideal for separating size fractions in soils and aggregates.  It consists of four plastic sieves that stack together with a lower storage compartment (for the finest fraction) and an upper lid (to contain dust).   ...

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  • Tectonic plate boundaries, modeling kit

    How do we know continental plates move? Why do we think the earth is a changing, dynamic planet? Through hands-on investigations, this kit can help your students explore and understand the answers to these questions while developing a concrete knowledge...

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  • Tectonic sandbox

    Watch geologic time unfold in your classroom! The Tectonic Sandbox vividly demonstrates convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries in an easy-to-use, self-contained, hands-on model. Students predict landform creations along tectonic boundaries as...

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  • Turbidity tube, 60cm

    Use this clear, redesigned, 60-cm tube to accurately measure the turbidity of shallow or flowing bodies of water where a Secchi disk can’t be used. A single operator controls the water-level discharge from the tube by gently pushing it against the...

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  • Water test kit, Carolina's shirt pocket concept

    Using safe, reliable, one-step dip strips sealed in foil packets, this kit fits easily in a shirt pocket, yet contains enough material to test 10 water samples for free and total chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, nitrate and nitrite,...

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