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  • NP14 - All about animals, Chart
    AU$30.20 NP14 - All about animals, Chart
    A visual overview of the characteristics, functions and structure of animal; animal symmetry; and the major animal groups. Laminated and in full colour. Dimensions approx 58cm x 89cm (23" x 35").

  • WC31 - Drosophila life cycle, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC31 - Drosophila life cycle, Chart
    Drosophila Life Cycle. Large photograph showing adult male and female drosophila (40x magnification), an egg, larva and pupa.  A close up of the sex comb on the male is also shown. Five types of fruit fly are...

  • WC35 - Porifera, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC35 - Porifera, Chart
    WC35 Phylum Porifera Sponges are found in a wide variety of forms.  Some of the following examples are displayed in large colourful photographs: Bath sponge, Glass sponge, Boring sponge, Red Fan sponge, Vase sponge,...

  • WC36 - Cnidaria, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC36 - Cnidaria, Chart
    Phylum Cnidaria. On display are three Classes of Cnidaria: Class Hydrozoa has examples of colonial Hydrozoa (Obelia), and solitary Hydrozoa (Hydra in the polyp stage), and a Hydromedusa (Polyorchis in the medusa stage). ...

  • WC37 - Mollusca, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC37 - Mollusca, Chart
    Phylum Mollusca. A wonderful display of the variety of organisms found in this phylum. Class Bivalvia is represented by a Cockle, Scallop and Clam. Class Gastropoda has examples of a Land Snail, Marine Snail, Limpet and a...

  • WC38 - Echinodermata, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC38 - Echinodermata, Chart
    Phylum Echinodermata. Five Classes are represented here. Sea Cucumbers from the Class Holothuroidea and a Feather Star for the Class Crinoidea are pictured.  Class Asteroidea is represented by two examples of Sea...

  • WC39 - Arthropoda, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC39 - Arthropoda, Chart
    Phylum Arthropoda. Some of the best examples of this Phylum are shown including the Subphylum Crustacea with photographs of a Shrimp, Crab, Isopod, Daphnia and Barnacles. Other classes are represented as follows: ...

  • WC40 - Platyhelminthes, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC40 - Platyhelminthes, Chart
    Phylum Platyhelminthes. Four classes of flatworm are shown in the poster.  They include:       Class Trematoda with photograph enlargements of a Sheep Liver Fluke, a Chinese Liver Fluke and a...

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