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  • PBC25-L - Understanding ulcers, Chart
    AU$14.70 PBC25-L - Understanding ulcers, Chart
    Defines ulcer.  Shows the stomach and cross sections of oesophagus, duodenum and stomach layers.  Illustrates what causes ulcers, as well as the types of ulcers (erosion, acute and perforating).  Also includes...

  • PBC4-L - The lymphatic system, Chart
    AU$20.00 PBC4-L - The lymphatic system, Chart
    Classic illustrations by Peter Bachin.  Shows system throughout the body.  Illustrates internal iliac lymph node, and lymph vessels & lymph nodes of the stomach, pancreas, spleen and biliary tract.  Also...

  • PBC43-L - The human hair, Chart
  • WC10 - Epithelial tissue, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC10 - Epithelial tissue, Chart
    Epithelial Tissue. A presentation of twelve colour photomicrographs of various Human Epithelial tissues at high magnification.  Arrangement of the cells is clearly shown for the following examples: human mesothelium...

  • WC11 - Connective tissue, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC11 - Connective tissue, Chart
    Twelve colour photomicrographs of various connective tissue at high magnification.  Examples shown are as follows; Areolar, adipose, reticular, elastic, regular and irregular collagenous tissue, cartilage, elastic...

  • WC18 - Histology of the urinary system, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC18 - Histology of the urinary system, Chart
    Histology of the Urinary System. Various cells and tissues of the Urinary System are displayed in clear colour photomicrographs.  The ureter, medulla and cortex are identified in a cross section of a small mammalian...

  • WC19 - Histology of the integumentary system, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC19 - Histology of the integumentary system, Chart
    The various layers of the skin, the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer are shown here.  More detail is displayed at high magnification and the four cell layers of the epidermis are labelled as follows: the...

  • WC47 - HIV, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC47 - HIV, Chart
    HIV. A colourful three dimensional picture of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus portrayed at a magnification of approximately 130,000 times.  The RNA, Viral core, Protein capsule, Viral envelope, Glycoprotein (GP120 and...

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