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Suggested Titles for Secondary

Clever Catch inflatables. Suggested titles for secondary schools.

  • CC1417 - Clever Catch, Geometry
    AU$11.70 CC1417 - Clever Catch, Geometry
    The Geometry Clever Catch Ball provides an excellent way for children, Grades 8 through 12, to learn and practice geometry facts as a fun and quick game.  Pencil and paper may be used.  There are 106 facts included...

  • CC1436 - Clever Catch, Metric System
    AU$11.70 CC1436 - Clever Catch, Metric System
    Another new addition to the growing range of Clever Catch titles. Sample questions:     Which of the following is NOT a metric unit for temperature?     a) ...

  • CC1444 - Clever Catch, Health and Fitness
    AU$11.70 CC1444 - Clever Catch, Health and Fitness
    Another new title in the Clever Catch range.  Teach your students the health benefits of exercise. Sample questions:     Is a human's heart a muscle?     Name one physical benefit of...