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PM1.930 - Foetal pig, plain, Perfect Solution, Small, approx 15-20cm

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Perfect Solution Specimens

Perfect Solution® is Carolina Biological's revolutionary new fixative for preserved specimens that dramatically improves the quality of classroom dissection exercises. This innovative process is not based on traditional preserving methods, so Perfect Solution® is the ideal alternative when fresh or frozen specimens are not available.

Perfect Solution® specimens are safe to use and are not subject to hazardous materials regulations or disposal restrictions.

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Please Note:

Perfect Solution® specimens supplied by Southern Biological are only available for use in Australia. For enquiries about availability in other countries, please contact Carolina Biological Supply Company www.carolina.com


For best results, carefully unpack your delivery of preserved specimens as soon as it arrives. Store the specimens in the dark in a single layer on a flat surface. A drawer or cupboard shelf is ideal. Do not refrigerate. Avoid stacking the specimens on top of each other or otherwise putting weight on them. Undue pressure can cause breakages in brittle specimens such as crayfish and grasshoppers, and can cause deformation of soft-tissue specimens such as brains and kidneys.

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