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L1.60 - Algal photosynthesis kit

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Perishable. Goods that are living or perishable. Despatched on Mon, Tues and Wed only. Collection available Mon to Fri after 10am

Product Description

This kit is based on the method of studying photosynthesis by using algae that has been immobilised in an alginate gel. The kit consists of;

  • 1 x vial containing 60 algal balls (Chlorella)
  • 5 x empty vials (7mL volume) for experimental use
  • 1 x bottle (50mL) of Hydrogen Carbonate indicator.
  • 6 x plastic pipettes
  • 1 x set of downloadable explanatory notes and experimental suggestions (see below)


Click here for Algal Ball Care Instruction

Click here for Algal Photosynthesis Explanatory Notes

Other Details

Unit Size:

Product Videos

Photosynthesis with Algal Balls (time lapse) (01:50)
Algal balls are a method of studying photosynthesis by using algae immobilised in an alginate gel. In this case the algae used is Chlorella. An indicator is added to show the comparative concentration of dissolved CO2 in the vial. In this experiment, seen in time lapse, Hydrogen Carbonate indicator changes colour (from yellow, pH 7.6, to purple, pH 9.2) in response to the concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide, which is determined by the balance of photosynthesis (which consumes CO2) and respiration (which produces CO2).
  • Photosynthesis...
    Algal balls are a method of studying photosynthesis by using a...