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L1.20 - Chlorella, live, approx 6mL

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Perishable. Goods that are living or perishable. Despatched on Mon, Tues and Wed only. Collection available Mon to Fri after 10am

Product Description

Qty: Thousands.

Chlorella are free living, single celled, non-motile green algae which can live in a commensal relationship within tissues or cells of invertebrates, (eg. protozoa, hydra). Chlorella are often found in fouled or untended aquariums, and are frequently seen in mixed algae cultures derived from pond water. The organism has been extensively studied in connection with photosynthesis, and for its potential as a food source.

Fresh water sponges are invariably green because of Chlorella. The size, shape and number of pyrenoids are used to differentiate species, and there is a thin cup-shaped or platelike chloroplast within every cell.

See: Chlorella Culture Media CM3

Chlorella Care Instructions

Click here to download care instructions (pdf, 0.1M, new window)

Growing Chlorella for Algal Balls

Treat your vial of Chlorella as a starter culture for the production of algal balls (also see L1.60 and L1.61).
You will need to allow 4-8 weeks to grow the Chlorella into a more concentrated and larger volume that can be harvested for mixing with sodium alginate to make algal balls.
For optimum algal growth, use Chlorella culture medium, CM3. It is also possible to use water obtained from a healthy aquarium or pond as your growth medium, but there are risks that you'll grow other species when you use water from another source. Distilled or demineralised water is not suitable because it lacks the nutrients the algae needs to grow. Tap water is also problematic because it not only lacks nutrients for the algae but may also contain residual amounts of water treatment chemicals that do not favour algal growth.

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