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Reproduction, Genetics and Heredity

Reproduction, Genetics and Heredity BioSets. Photomicrograph sets with teachers notes. Used with BioViewers.

  • BIOS55 - Plant mitosis, BioSet
    AU$18.00 BIOS55 - Plant mitosis, BioSet
    This BioSet contains the following photomicrographs Early prophase (1000x)    Prophase (1000x)    Metaphase (1000x)    Early anaphase (1000x)    Anaphase...

  • BIOS63 - Asexual reproduction, BioSet
    AU$18.00 BIOS63 - Asexual reproduction, BioSet
    BIOS63 Asexual Reproduction Binary-fission Paramecium (100x)    Budding- yeast (900x)    Budding- hydra (25x)    Sporulation- yeast...

  • BIOS92 - Meiosis, BioSet
    AU$18.00 BIOS92 - Meiosis, BioSet
    This BioSet contains the following photomicrographs Primary oocyte- tetrads formed (750x)    Primary oocyte- dyads separated (750x)    Primary oocyte- tetrads on spindle...