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Protozoa and Invertebrates

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  • L3.00 - Amoeba, live
    AU$27.70 L3.00 - Amoeba, live
    Amoeba proteus. Phylum: Rhizopoda. Class: Lobosea. Qty: 20. Amoeba are protozoans that consist of a single cell (unicellular).  Whilst most protozoans are microscopic, some amoeba can reach 4-5mm.  Amoeba proteus...

  • L3.60 - Daphnia, live
    AU$22.30 Choose Options L3.60 - Daphnia, live
    Daphnia - water fleas. Phylum: Arthropoda. Class: Crustacea. Sub-order: Cladocera. Qty: 40. Daphnia are commonly known as Water Fleas due to their size, shape and movement. They are found in ponds and waterways. Their...

  • L3.65 - Ostracods, live
    AU$22.30 Choose Options L3.65 - Ostracods, live
    Ostracods. Phylum: Arthropoda. Sub Phylum: Crustacea. Class: Ostracoda. Qty: 40. Also known as seed shrimps. They can be found in both seawater and, more commonly, in fresh water lakes and ponds. Dark grey/black in colour,...

  • L3.70 - Hydra, live
    L3.70 - Hydra, live
    Hydra. Phylum: Cnidaria. Class: Hydrozoa (Coelenterates). Qty: 10. Hydra are one of the few commonly observed freshwater coelenterates. They are found in unpolluted waters where they attach to aquatic vegetation, fallen...

  • L3.80 - Leeches, live
    AU$22.30 Choose Options L3.80 - Leeches, live
    Leeches. Qty: 10. Freshwater jawless leeches are annelids.  They have a flattened body shape and an anterior sucker which helps them attach to surfaces and prey organisms.  They are typically found in detritus, on...

  • L4.20 - Mixed pond life, live
    AU$27.30 Choose Options L4.20 - Mixed pond life, live
    Mixed Pond Life. Included in the mixed pond life culture is a variety of microscopic and macroscopic organisms, and some pond weed species. Microscopic Examination: Microscopic specimens possibly present include: Paramecium,...

  • L4.30 - Protozoa mix, live
    AU$26.30 Choose Options L4.30 - Protozoa mix, live
    This protozoan mixture is representative of the microscopic specimens that are included in our 'Mixed Pond Life' culture. The contents vary each day in accordance with availability. Microscopic specimens that may be...

  • L4.40 - Paramecium caudatum, live
    AU$22.30 L4.40 - Paramecium caudatum, live
    Paramecium caudatum. Qty: Hundreds in 100 mL volume. Paramecium are typical organisms of the class Ciliata, and are commonly found in fresh water in the presence of decaying vegetable matter.  The surface of these...

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