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Plants and Physarum

  • L2.10 - Duckweed, live
    AU$22.30 Choose Options L2.10 - Duckweed, live
    Qty: approx 150. Duckweed is an aquatic, freshwater plant that floats on the surface of the water.  It has a very simple structure, consisting of a small thallus and thin rootlets.  Duckweed is an efficient...

  • Geranium Leaves. Variegated.
    AU$22.30 Choose Options L2.12 - Variegated leaf (green/white) geranium cuttings, 5 pieces, approx 20 leaves
    These geranium leaves are used for a chlorophyll, photosynthesis and starch practical investigation. See downloads below. Downloads Chlorophyll, Photosyntheisis and Starch Practical Investigation (pdf format). ...

  • L2.15 - Elodea (Anacharis), live Victoria Only
    AU$24.50 Choose Options L2.15 - Elodea (Anacharis), live Victoria Only
    Elodea / Anachari. Qty: 10 pcs. Elodea is a commonly used aquatic plant in freshwater aquariums where it can provide a habitat for other species.  It can reproduce both sexually, by producing small white flowers at the...

  • L2.20 - Fern prothalli, live
    AU$22.30 Choose Options L2.20 - Fern prothalli, live
    Fern Prothalli. Qty: 20. In ferns, the sporophyte is the most obvious plant, the gametophyte being inconspicuous. The gametophyte forms a small, heart-shaped prothallus. This produces both male and female gametes. The sperm...

  • L2.23 - Liverworts, live
    AU$22.30 Choose Options L2.23 - Liverworts, live
    Liverworts. Liverworts are a type of non-vascular plant that typically grows close to the ground in moist environments.  They are very primitive, closely resembling fossils that date back to at least the Devonian...

  • L2.25 - Mixed pond weed, live Victoria only
    AU$24.90 Choose Options L2.25 - Mixed pond weed, live Victoria only
    Qty: 1 bag. 'Mixed Pond Weed' is a culture of freshwater pond weed. Typically it contains Elodea, Azola, Duckweed, Vallis and Foxtail. Supplied in a sealed bag. It is available only in Victoria...

  • L2.30 - Physarum slime mould, live
    AU$28.80 Choose Options L2.30 - Physarum slime mould, live
    Slime Mould, Physarum polycephalum. Qty: 1 inoculated plate. Physarum polycephalum is an unusual and fascinating organism that is ideal for classroom activities. This culture kit consists of one inoculated plain agar plate,...