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Electricity and Magnetism

  • XEM010021 - Westminster motor kit, single

    This kit provides a clear and motivational method of understanding the principles of electric motors. The students construct motors from the component parts by winding wire around a purpose designed armature and inserting it between two round ceramic...

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  • XEM190011 - Dynamo demonstration

    XEM190011 - Dynamo demonstration

    This apparatus allows students to easily create an electrical DC current by turning a hand crank.The two terminals on the back of the apparatus allows for devices such as lamps or small motors to be powered by the dynamo.The back of the dynamo has...

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  • XEM190020 - Demonstration electric motor

    A model of the simplest form of DC electric motor, having 2-pole armature wound with enamelled copper wire, and a permanent magnetic field provided by a removable bar magnet. The construction of the model is completely open and all components are readily...

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  • XEM210010 - Sluman kit

    Students can construct their own working models or the teacher can easily show how the component parts contribute to the final device.The Electric Bell, D.C. Motor, D.C. Generator, Relay and Morse Code Receiver can all be quickly and reliably constructed...

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  • XEM250010 - Demonstration electric motor

    This apparatus allows the principles of a simple electric motor to be demonstrated. It uses an open construction with a simple coil and a split ring commutator. This motor requires a 3VDC 6W power supply. It can operate from 1VDC (slow) to 3VDC(fast). Do...

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  • XMG240010 - Lenz's Law apparatus

    Kit used to demonstrate Lenz s Law containing a copper tube with a narrow transparent slot along its length, two identically sized plugs, one of non-magnetic steel and one of magnetised neodymium. Complete with instructions. Supplied with full supporting...

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  • XMG700010 - Magnetic replusion investigation

    A simple system for investigating the force of repulsion between two high strength neodymium magnets.The separation can be measured by using a direct reading ‘wedge’ gauge and the force is provided by applying standard slotted masses on the...

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  • XMG700020 - Magnetic attraction investigation

    This apparatus provides a self-contained system for investigating the variation of attractive force with separation distance for a pair of high strength neodymium magnets. A calibrated dial controls the separation and the force is measured by attaching...

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  • XMG830010 - Lenz's Law - Whack the weight

    Lenz’s Law can be demonstrated using the standard Eddy Current Tubes whereby a magnet falls through a copper tube at a slower rate than an un-magnetised weight.The demonstration lends itself to a fun classroom activity (as featured in the Lascells...

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  • XMG940010 - Oersted's effect

    Electromagnetism, discovered by Oersted - a Danish scientist, is the basis for the operation of electrical generators, induction motors and more. This fascinating kit presents a modern version of Oersted s historical experiment. The students can actually...

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