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Optics, the Ray Box and various accessories.

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  • OPT030010 - LED Ray box
    AU$187.30 OPT030010 - LED Ray box
    A classic ray box for ray tracing in optics experiments. The light source is a high intensity white LED which runs at low temperature and never needs replacing. The main unit is powder-coated steel construction with plastic...

  • OPT030500 - Spare slit plates for LED Ray box
    AU$35.30 OPT030500 - Spare slit plates for LED Ray box
    Spare slit plates (for LED ray box OPT030010)

  • OPT030510 - Colour filter set for LED Ray box
    AU$93.70 OPT030510 - Colour filter set for LED Ray box
    This is a colour filter set compatible with the LED Light Box OPT030010

  • PY5.10 - Refraction dish, semicirular
    AU$9.00 PY5.10 - Refraction dish, semicirular
    This semicircular refraction dish is an economical way to open discussions and create hands-on labs about light waves and their properties. Fill the easy-to-clean dish with a liquid such as water, olive oil, or ethanol. Have...

  • PY5.11 - Geometric optics laser kit
    AU$270.00 PY5.11 - Geometric optics laser kit
    Study refraction and reflection using the laser ray box and 7 prisms in this economical set. Laser light is bright enough to see even in a well-lighted room, so there is no need to darken your classroom while students work...

  • XOP060500 - Lens holder, wooden
    AU$7.50 XOP060500 - Lens holder, wooden
    Wooden lens holder.

  • XOP390010 - Prisms and lenses, acrylic
    AU$93.70 XOP390010 - Prisms and lenses, acrylic
    The prisms and lenses in these attractively boxed sets are manufactured from high quality optical grade acrylic, precision engineered and hand polished for a high degree of accuracy. 

  • XOP870010 - Polarimeter, student
    AU$308.50 XOP870010 - Polarimeter, student
    Polarimetry is a rewarding field of study to explore the applications of polarised light.This student polarimeter uses a monochromatic yellow LED light source and simplified construction to make the topic available for study...

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