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March 2015 - New Physics Equipment, Physiology Equipment including human and synthetic blood typing, Colour changing chamelion and Carolina International Catalogue

November 2014 - Chromosome Simulation Kit, Plate Tectonics, Sterilization, Embeded Specimens, Whats for Diner Toingiht, Shrinky Dinks, Blood Typing, Forensic Book Titles

August 2014 - Dissected Specimens, The Mystery of Lyle and Louse, Medical Slide Sets, Honey and Antibiotics, Safety Glasses, Ferro Fluid, Owl Pellets, Forensic Book Titles

February 2014 - Physarum, Lactase, Prepared Microscope Slides, Stomatapoda, Bacterial Cultures, Shrinky Dinks

November 2013 - Earth Science, Lung Function Model, Environmental Science and Sphygmomanometer

September 2013 - Forensic Kits, Blood Typing, Bone Clones, Parasites

June 2013 - Gliterbug, Owl Pellets, 3D Molecular Models,Junk DNA, Steroclaves, Histology Slides

March 2013 - New Products & Growth Media

December 2012 - Perfect Solution Specimens and Embedded Specimens

September 2012 - Genetic Corn Cobs, Prepared Microscope Slides

June 2012 - Altay Biological Models, 3D Molecular Models and Seed Germination Kit

March 2012 - Microscopic Aquatic Life, Simulated Blood typing

October 2011 - BioCam charts, NaCl Lattice Model

August 2011 - AVerVision F50 Classroom Camera