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SW23.11 - Rocky Shore Ecology

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Product Description

SW23.11 Rocky Shore Ecology


Your students will be able to study the physical, chemical and biological factors influencing the ocean rock platform communities of N.S.W. and Victoria or any other state if you want to build your own transects. This package is also excellent as a comparison study to allow your students to contrast the rock platform with another environment.

New features include:

  •     Kite Diagrams - Investigate species numbers and distribution across a transect.
  •     Distribution Graphs - Compare the dispersal of all species across the entire transect.
  •     Population Estimate Activity - Using the capture/recapture technique.
  •     Food Web Activity - Build your own food chains and food webs with up to 45 Species!
  •     Transect and Species Editors - Create your own customised transects and species for study!

This package features an extensive blackline masters, including:

    Classroom studies
    Computer simulation studies
    Extensive organism profiles
    Blank data sheets for your own field trip
    Study sheets include:

  •         Zonation
  •         Adaptations
  •         The Environment
  •         Transect Studies
  •         Transect Profile
  •         Comparison Studies

Other Details

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