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molymod® Series

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  • MKO-VSEPR-14 - Molecular geometry set
    AU$44.50 MKO-VSEPR-14 - Molecular geometry set
    MKO-VSEPR-14 Molecular geometry set This Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) set includes components to assemble 14 VSEPR structures. Types of structurs include linear, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, trigonal...

  • MMP-AT2 - Individual organic pack
    AU$13.00 MMP-AT2 - Individual organic pack
    MMP-AT2 Atomod™ Organic Student Pack This affordable introductory molecular model pack will let you get started then you can expand as your needs grow. Contains a total of 19 atom parts plus...

  • MMS001 - Introductory (student) set
    AU$36.00 MMS001 - Introductory (student) set
    MMS001 Introductory Student Set Contains a total of 48 atom parts plus links and link remover tool: Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Nitrogen Sulphur Halogen Links Links Links Link Remover Tool 12 7 20 2 1 6 26 26 10 1  ...

  • MMS002 - Advanced level chemistry set
    AU$39.00 MMS002 - Advanced level chemistry set
    MMS002 - Advanced Level Chemistry Set Contents Atoms Qty Element Colour Holes Type 18 Hydrogen White 1 - 8 Carbon Black 4 109 tetrahedral 6 Oxygen Red 2 105...

  • MMS003 - Organic (teacher) set
    AU$65.80 MMS003 - Organic (teacher) set
    MMS003  Organic Teacher's Set Contains a total of 111 atom parts plus links: Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen Nitrogen Sulphur Sulphur Phosphorus Halogen Metal Metal Links Links Links Link Remover Tool ...

  • MMS004 - Organic/Inorganic (teacher) set
    AU$65.80 MMS004 - Organic/Inorganic (teacher) set
    MMS004  Organic/Inorganic Teacher's Set Contains a total of 108 atom parts plus links: Element Qty   Angles / Type Carbon 14   4-holes tetrahedral, black Carbon 6   5-holes...

  • MMS005 - Semi-space filling set for organic chemistry
    AU$69.00 MMS005 - Semi-space filling set for organic chemistry
    MMS005 A molecular model Semi-space-filling set for organic chemistry. This kit makes the following  Synthetic Fibres - polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, polystyrene, polymethylmethacrylate, mylon 6-6, terylene...

  • MMS006 - Complex ions set
    AU$73.00 MMS006 - Complex ions set
    MMS006 Complex Ion Set This kit is able to make the following ions 1. Hexaquometal ion. 2. Hexacyanometal ion. 3. Tetramminemetal ion. 4. Three Dichlorodiethylene metal ions 5. Ethylene diamine tetracetate methal ion...

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