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molymod® Series

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  • MKO-VSEPR-14 - Molecular geometry set
    AU$44.50 MKO-VSEPR-14 - Molecular geometry set
    MKO-VSEPR-14. Molecular geometry set. This Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) set includes components to assemble 14 VSEPR structures. Types of structurs include linear, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, trigonal...

  • MMP-AT2 - Individual organic pack
    AU$13.00 MMP-AT2 - Individual organic pack
    MMP-AT2. Atomod™ Organic Student Pack. This affordable introductory molecular model pack will let you get started then you can expand as your needs grow. Contains a total of 19 atom parts plus...

  • MMS001 - Introductory (student) set
    AU$36.00 MMS001 - Introductory (student) set
    MMS001. Introductory Student Set. Contains a total of 48 atom parts plus links and link remover tool: Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Nitrogen Sulphur Halogen Links Links Links Link Remover...

  • MMS002 - Advanced level chemistry set
    AU$39.00 MMS002 - Advanced level chemistry set
    MMS002 - Advanced Level Chemistry Set. Contents. Atoms Qty Element Colour Holes Type 18 Hydrogen White 1 - 8 Carbon Black 4 109 tetrahedral 6 Oxygen Red 2 105...

  • MMS003 - Organic (teacher) set
    AU$65.80 MMS003 - Organic (teacher) set
    MMS003.  Organic Teacher's Set. Contains a total of 111 atom parts plus...

  • MMS004 - Organic/Inorganic (teacher) set
    AU$65.80 MMS004 - Organic/Inorganic (teacher) set
    MMS004.  Organic/Inorganic Teacher's Set. Contains a total of 108 atom parts plus links: Element Qty   Angles / Type Carbon 14   4-holes tetrahedral, black Carbon 6   5-holes...

  • MMS005 - Semi-space filling set for organic chemistry
    AU$69.00 MMS005 - Semi-space filling set for organic chemistry
    MMS005. A molecular model: Semi-space-filling Set for Organic Chemistry. This kit makes the following:  Synthetic fibres - polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, polystyrene, polymethyl methacrylate, nylon 6-6, terylene...

  • MMS006 - Complex ions set
    AU$73.00 MMS006 - Complex ions set
    MMS006. Complex Ion Set. This kit is able to make the following ions: 1. Hexaquometal ion. 2. Hexacyanometal ion. 3. Tetramminemetal ion. 4. Three Dichloroethylene metal ions. 5. Ethylene diamine tetracetate methal ion...

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