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molymod® Inorganic Models

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  • MKO100-30 - Diamond
    AU$28.70 MKO100-30 - Diamond
    MKO100-30.  Diamond. Contains a total of 30 Carbon atoms (4 holes, tetrahedral, black) plus links to build a model of diamond. Supplied in a twin compartment box with illustrated instructions...

  • MKO101-45 - Graphite
    AU$39.70 MKO101-45 - Graphite
    MKO101-45.  Graphite. Contains a total of 45 Carbon atoms (5-holes trigonal bipyramid, black) plus links to build a model of graphite (3 layers). Supplied in a 4-compartment box with illustrated instructions...

  • MKO102-60 - Buckminster fullerene
    AU$40.80 MKO102-60 - Buckminster fullerene
    MKO102-60.  Buckminster Fullerene, C60. Contains a total of 60 Carbon atoms (trigonal bipyramid, black) plus links to build a model of Buckminster Fullerene. Supplied in a single compartment box with illustrated...

  • MKO104-30 - Silicon carbide
    AU$34.20 MKO104-30 - Silicon carbide
    MKO104-30.  Carborundum (silicon carbide). Like diamond, silicon carbide has a crystalline structure involving millions of atoms.  This model represents a small corner of a perfect crystal but shows the pattern of...

  • MKO123-26 - Ice, 26 water units
    AU$39.20 MKO123-26 - Ice, 26 water units
    MKO123-26.  Ice. The ice model in this kit consists of two layers, each containing 13 water molecules.  The kit contains a total of 78 atoms (Oxygen and Hydrogen) plus links to build a model of ice containing 26...

  • MKO123-35 - Ice, 35 water units
    AU$52.20 MKO123-35 - Ice, 35 water units
    MKO-123-35. Ice, H2O (35 water units). This model makes a 3 layer ice structure with 35 H20 molecules.

  • MKO124-36 - Sodium chloride
    AU$35.40 MKO124-36 - Sodium chloride
    MKO124-36.  Sodium Chloride. Contains a total of 36 atoms. 18 x Sodium, 6 hole, grey, diameter 23 mm.  18 x Chloride, 6 hole, green, diameter 23 mm. 80 Medium links grey. Supplied in a four compartment box...

  • MKO125-45 - Zinc sulphide (zinc blende)
    AU$38.10 MKO125-45 - Zinc sulphide (zinc blende)
    MKO125-45.  Zinc Blende (zinc sulphide). Zinc Blende is a covalent lattice of alternate zinc and sulphur with the atom parts joined together to give a hexagonal network. Contains a total of 45 atoms (22 x Zinc [4-hole...

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