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MMS012 - Key stage 3 chemistry set

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Product Description

MMS012 - molymod® Molecular Model Set for Key Stage 3 Chemistry

This model was designed to used with the UK Key Stage 3 Chemistry Syllabus.

Kit outline

This kit introduces atoms, elements, compounds and their chemical symbols, molecular formulae and representations by colour coded parts, with an emphasis on modelling the conservation of mass during chemical reactions.

The set can be used to model the chemical reactions below;

  • Oxidation by combustion of hydrocarbons
  • Oxidation of through rusting of metals
  • Thermal decomposition of metal carbonates
  • Displacement reactions of metals in salts
  • Examples of common acids, bases and alkalis
  • Neutralization reactions of acids and alkalis
  • Reactions of acids with metals to produce a salt and hydrogen
  • Reactions of acids and alkalis to produce a salt and water
  • Material examples of Polymers, PVC and Polyethelene
  • Extraction of metals by the reduction of metal oxides by Carbon
  • Greenhouse effect through the production of CO2
  • Reactions of acid rain on the soil, metals and limestone 
  • Respiration chemical reaction on glucose.

This kit can also model Hydrocarbon chemistry up to 6 Carbons including Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Addition polymers, Alcohols, Carboxylic Acids, Esters, Amino acids, Addition reactions of Hydrogen and halogens to Alkenes. 


66 Atoms and 70 links;

Non Metal Elements

14 Hydrogen atoms

12 Oxygen atoms

6 Nitrogen atoms

6 Carbon atoms

2 Sulphur atoms

Group 7 Halogen Elements

2 Fluorine atoms

4 Chlorine atoms

2 Bromine atoms

2 Iodine atoms

Metal Elements

4 Grey metal 1 hole (K, Na)

4 Grey metal 2 hole (Mg, Ca, Zn, Fe)

4 Copper 2 hole (Cu)

4 Grey metal 3 hole (Fe, Al)


20 grey single connectors,

40 grey multiple connection links

10 purple single bond links.


 Information courtesy of molymod®


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