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BH024 - Sivapithecus indicus, GSP 15000

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Product Description

Sivapithecus skull (8 million years).

The Sivapithecus indicus skull was discovered in 1979 by D. Pilbeam and S.M. Ibrahim Shah on the Potwar Plateau, Pakistan.  This specimen consists of a nearly complete mandible (with complete dentition) and the left side of the face.  The facial characteristics of Sivapithecus suggest a very orang-like appearance, however, characteristics in the dentition, such as thick enamel on the molars, point to similarities with early hominids. Recent study of postcranial remains indicates that Sivapithecus was not entirely orang-like.  In recreating this important late Miocene specimen, every effort was made to preserve all details, colours and accurate measurements.

Stand available - see product code SBH024.

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Model size: 14.5(L) x 11.5(W) x 15(H) cm

The Bone Clones® Hominid Series

Our aim is to provide the best possible facsimile models of the most important hominid finds for the general public, educators and students, using the best reference material available.  Each hominid has been carefully researched and re-created based on some or all of the following: casts of original fossils, the latest literature (descriptions and/or published measurements), input from the scientific community and full colour, life-size photographs.  Every effort has been made to accurately re-create anatomical details of colour, size, shape, reconstructed areas, and bone/fossil texture.  The hominids offered in this series are high quality, artistic recreations that can be advantageously used by educators as important visual aids in the classroom and appreciated by the general public.  They are not intended for advanced graduate work nor to be measured for research purposes.

(Information courtesy Bone Clones, Inc)

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