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Microscopy Chart Titles

Buy any 10 BioCam Wall Charts (look for WC as first two letters on item code) and use discount code "BioCamWC" to get a 10% discount on those charts.

  • WC01 - The microscope, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC01 - The microscope, Chart
    The Microscope. Presents a description of all the components of the microscope used to magnify objects.  Key components are identified.  Includes an explanation of the function of the following items: ...

  • WC02 - Microscope magnification, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC02 - Microscope magnification, Chart
    Microscope Magnification. A quick reference chart for using the microscope in four different configurations:     Eyepiece magnification (10x)     Objective magnification (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x)...

  • WC03 - Microscope focusing tips, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC03 - Microscope focusing tips, Chart
    Microscope Focusing Tips. A useful guide to using the microscope to obtain the best view of your specimen, including:     how to bring your specimen into focus     how to improve a poor view...