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PMS Set 2 - Plant kingdom survey slide set

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PMS Set 2

Product Description

Please Note:

From time to time the contents of slide sets may change slightly due to slide availability or other technical reasons. Substitutions are typically made with equivalent or functionally similar slides.

The contents of your set may vary from this or other published lists.

Set Contents (Typical)

  1. Gloeocapsa; Colonial Spherical CelLS Forming Individual Gelatinous Envelopes Within The Common Envelope Of The Mother Cell, WM.
  2. Oscillatoria; Filaments Apparently Without Sheaths, WM.
  3. Chlamydomonas; Vegetative & Vegetative Reproductive Forms, WM.
  4. Diatoms; Mixed Fresh Water Species, Protoplasts Stained, WM.
  5. Oedogonium; WM.
  6. Spirogyra; Large Species With Multiple Chloroplasts Demonstrating Scalariform Conjugation & Vegetative Filaments, WM.
  7. Volvox; Colonies With Vegetative & Sexual Stages, WM.
  8. Puccinia Graminis (Wheat Rust); Uredinia On Triticum Leaf Or Stem, Section.
  9. Rhizopus Stolonifer; Sporangia & Zygotes On The Same Slide, WM.
  10. Penicillium; Mycelium With Conidiophores, WM.
  11. Peziza (Or Related Genus); Cup With Asci, LS.
  12. Coprinus (Mushroom); Entire Pileus, CS.
  13. Bacteria, 3 Types; Wm, Separate Smears, Routine Stain.
  14. Marchantia Polymorpha; Sporophytes, LS For General Structure.
  15. Moss Protonema; WM.
  16. Fern Stem (Rhizome); CS.
  17. Fern Gametophyte; WM.
  18. Pinus; Leaf, CS, Two-Needle Type.
  19. Tilia Americana (Basswood, Tiliaceae); Three Year Stem, CS.
  20. Zea Mays (Indian Corn, Gramineae); Mature Stem, CS.
  21. Root; CS, Mature (Buttercup).
  22. Onion Root Tip; LS For Mitosis.
  23. Leaf, CS.
  24. Anther; CS, For Mature Pollen.
  25. Lilium (Lily, Liliaceae); Ovary, CS For Anatropous Ovule.

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