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PMS Set 1 - General biology slide set

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PMS Set 1

Product Description

Please Note:

From time to time the contents of slide sets may change slightly due to slide availability or other technical reasons.
Substitutions are typically made with equivalent or functionally similar slides.
The contents of your set may vary from this or other published lists.

Contents of this slide set (Typical)

  1. Bacteria, 3 Types; WM, Separate Smears, Routine Stain.
  2. Oedogonium; WM. (13-2)
  3. Moss Protonema; WM. (14-1)
  4. Fern Gametophyte; WM. (4.3)
  5. Fern Stem (Rhizome); CS. (14-2)
  6. Root; CS, Mature (Buttercup). (16-2)
  7. Onion Root Tip; LS For Mitosis. (11-5)
  8. Leaf Epidermis; WM. (Sedum) (18-5)
  9. Leaf, CS. (18-5)
  10. Anther; CS, For Mature Pollen.
  11. Amoeba Proteus; WM.
  12. Paramecium Caudatum; WM.
  13. Sponge; CS & LS.
  14. Hydra; WM.
  15. Planaria; WM, Injected. (4.3)
  16. Hookworm; Female, WM.
  17. Trichinella Spiralis; Section Of Mammalian Muscle With Encysted Larvae.
  18. Earthworm; CS. (4.3)
  19. Insect; Wings (4 Types), WM.
  20. Insect Cornea; WM. (Tabanus)
  21. Drosophila; Female, WM.
  22. Amphioxus; WM.
  23. Embryo CelLS; Animal; Whitefish Blastodisc Showing Mitosis, Section. (11-5)
  24. Frog Blood; Smear.
  25. Frog Intestine; CS.

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