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Microbiology and Microlife

Microbiology and microlife charts

Buy any 10 BioCam Wall Charts (look for WC as first two letters on item code) and use discount code "BioCamWC" to get a 10% discount on those charts.

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  • NP06 - Microlife - bacteria, fungi and protists, Chart
    AU$30.20 NP06 - Microlife - bacteria, fungi and protists, Chart
    An Illustrated Survey of Bacteria, Fungi and Protists! Features illustrations and photographs of a typical bacterial cell, various fungi types, as well as amoeba, paramecium and euglena. Laminated and in full colour...

  • NSC8 - Living sands, Chart
    AU$10.00 NSC8 - Living sands, Chart
    This poster depicts foraminiferans - an ancient group of shell-forming protoctists - as the basis for interdisciplinary study of principles and methods in biology, geology, geography and environmental science...

  • WC04 - Bacteria, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC04 - Bacteria, Chart
    Bacteria. Presents fourteen examples of various forms of bacteria of interest, including the following forms all at 3100x magnification:     cocci     rod    ...

  • WC24 - Zygomycetes, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC24 - Zygomycetes, Chart
    Zygomycetes. This chart presents clear colour plates of the bread mould Rhizopus stolonifer in the asexual phase.  At 40x magnification Rhizoids, Sporangiophore and Sporangium are labelled.  Also shown is a close...

  • WC25 - Ascomycetes, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC25 - Ascomycetes, Chart
    Ascomycetes. Two of the most common ascomycetes are shown, Penicillium sp. and Aspergillus sp. with conidiospores and phialides labelled.  Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is also shown as an example of the...

  • WC26 - Basidiomycetes, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC26 - Basidiomycetes, Chart
    Basidiomycetes. Shelf Fungus is pictured as an example of a Polypore Fungi and includes an enlargement of a section (3000x magnification) showing the tubes lined with basidia and their basidiospores.  Gill fungi are...

  • WC32 - Pond I - smaller microlife, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC32 - Pond I - smaller microlife, Chart
    Pond I, Smaller Microlife. A number of multi-cellular organisms are shown including Rotifers, Nematodes, Water mite and Springtails.  Three groups of Protozoa (single cell) are represented as follows:  ...

  • WC33 - Pond II - larger microlife, Chart
    AU$31.40 WC33 - Pond II - larger microlife, Chart
    Pond II, Larger Microlife. Large photographs of a variety of larger micro life able to be seen at low magnification (10x to 40x).  Pictures include:   Leech   Planaria   Hydra   Water...

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