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TK1.00 - Fibre identification kit, advanced

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Product Description

TK1.00 Fibre  Identification  Kit.

This comprehensive kit is intended for senior students of Textiles and Design with at least basic to intermediate knowledge of textile technology.  It contains 12 different fabric samples, composed of individual fibres as well as blends, in sufficient quantity to allow 10 student groups to examine each one.  Full instructions and comprehensive background and reference information is included in the form of teacher notes and student worksheets.  Procedures cover:

  • making initial observations

  • deconstructing fabrics and yarns

  • performing burn tests

  • examining fibres under a microscope

  • demonstrating fibre identification stain tests.


Fibre type plays an important role in determining yarn and fabric properties, and having a working knowledge of how to identify fibres is crucial for designers.  To help you impart these skills, we are pleased to introduce the new Fibre Identification Kit that has been specifically made for students of textiles and design.  Using a combination of observation and physical tests, your students will examine a representative range of fibre types and learn how to identify them in fabrics and yarns.  As they develop techniques and improve their deduction skills, they will learn how to relate particular fibre types and blends to fabric structures and applications.

The Fibre Identification Kit includes full testing instructions and comprehensive background information on a wide range of samples including cotton, linen, wool, silk, polyester, nylon, viscose, acetate and various blends.  Challenge and engage your students with the exciting activities in this new kit!

  • Burn testing can discriminate between the main fibre types

  • Microscopy is used to identify the fine structure of fibres

  • Replenishment materials and fabric samples are available

  • Provides instructions and materials for applying fibre identification stains as used in industry.

Includes a gallery of images of different fibre types as you will see them under a microscope!

Click here to download MSDS for Textile Indicator Stain #1 (Adobe pdf, new window)

Click here to download MSDS for Textile Indicator Stain#3A (Adobe pdf, new window)

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