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Hanna Test Kits

  • ENV2.10 - Ammonia test kit
    AU$67.20 ENV2.10 - Ammonia test kit
    In nature, the ammonia level in water may vary. Ground water normally contains ammonia due to bacterial decay of plants and animals. However, the presence of ammonia in surface water may be evidence of sanitary pollution due...

  • ENV2.30 - Phosphate test kit
    AU$45.40 ENV2.30 - Phosphate test kit
    Phosphates are widely introduced into the environment from such sources as agricultural fertilizers, cleaning and laundering products, boiler water conditioners, and drinking water treatment aids. At high levels, phosphates...

  • ENV2.60 - Dissolved oxygen test kit
    AU$154.80 ENV2.60 - Dissolved oxygen test kit
    The concentration of dissolved oxygen in water is extremely important in nature as well in man's environment. In the oceans, lakes, rivers and other surface water bodies, dissolved oxygen is essential to the growth and...