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Freshwater Biology

Freshwater Biology Books

  • BK39.10 - Wetlands Wildlife
    AU$10.00 AU$6.00 BK39.10 - Wetlands Wildlife
    Sid Cowling, Deborah Savin and Alan Reid. 56 pages, color and black and white photos and illustrations, soft cover.

  • BK50.85 - The Water Bug Book
    AU$45.00 BK50.85 - The Water Bug Book
    Freshwater macroinvertebrates provide a useful and reliable indicator of the health of our rivers, streams, ponds and wetlands.  Here, for the first time, is a comprehensive and accurate identification guide to the...

  • BK50.86 - Guide to Microlife
    AU$89.00 AU$35.00 BK50.86 - Guide to Microlife
    Kennith G. Rainis and Bruce J. Russell. 288 pages, color photographs, soft cover. They are on your food, in your hair, in sidewalk crevices and flowerbeds. Every surface that you can think of is teeming with microlife...

  • BK54.11 - Colour Guide to Invertebrates of Australian Inland Waters
    AU$39.00 BK54.11 - Colour Guide to Invertebrates of Australian Inland Waters
    John H. Hawking and  Felicity J. Smith. 212 pages, color photos, softcover.

  • BK54.12 - Ponding
    AU$10.00 AU$7.00 BK54.12 - Ponding
    64 pages, black and white, softcover