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Forensic Science

Forensic Science Books

  • BK70.20 - The Crime Fighter
    AU$10.00 BK70.20 - The Crime Fighter
    Science is playing an increasingly important role in investigations into various crimes. In this Forensic Science unit, students are introduced to some basic scientific techniques which are applied in an investigative...

  • BK70.35 - Detective Science
    AU$10.00 BK70.35 - Detective Science
    Jim Wiese, 118 pages, black and white, softcover. Search for evidence, gather clues, and discover how science can solve a mystery. From dusting for fingerprints, to analyzing handwriting,  these easy, fun filled...

  • BK70.60 - Forensic Science: Teacher's Collection
    AU$147.50 BK70.60 - Forensic Science: Teacher's Collection
    80 page teacher manual and 66 page student laboratory guide. W. W. Townsley Ph.D., 2 ring bound folders. Explore science in a new way with the Forensic Science: Teachers Collection. The collection, which is divided into a...

  • BK70.62 - Science Sleuths: Forensic Activities
    AU$45.00 BK70.62 - Science Sleuths: Forensic Activities
    Grades 4-8. Pam Walker and Elaine Wood. 2006. 360 pages. If your students enjoy solving mysteries, they'll love the activities in Science Sleuths. Forensic science is ideal for teaching the nature of science as well as basic...