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Fluid Mechanics and Sound

Includes rheoscopic convection fluid, sound and the doppler effect and the vauum jars. 

  • PY4.11 - Bell jar and vacuum demonstration set
    AU$142.90 PY4.11 - Bell jar and vacuum demonstration set
    Instead of a class demonstration, let your students perform their own experiments about the mysteries and science of air pressure. This set comes complete with a miniature shatter-proof bell jar with plate, a 2-piece air...

  • XWV380010 - Doppler ball
    AU$219.30 XWV380010 - Doppler ball
    Doppler ball is a 90mm plastic ball with a PP3 battery powered tone generator and speaker inside. The ball can be safely whirled round in a large horizontal circle to demonstrate the Doppler effect.Good output volume and...

  • XWV690010 - Space tube
    AU$176.30 XWV690010 - Space tube
    A modern replacement for the Bell in a Bell Jar Apparatus. A 90mm diameter acrylic tube houses a battery-operated, high output piezo sounder. When the end plates are attached and the unit connected to a vaccuum pump no sound...