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Enzymes for use in science education.

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  • MC23.05 - Catalase
    AU$34.65 Choose Options MC23.05 - Catalase
    Catalase is a high activity enzyme that facilitates the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to harmless oxygen and water.  This is a protective function to prevent cell damage that could be caused by hydrogen peroxide, a...

  • MC23.1M - Trypsin
    AU$54.00 Choose Options MC23.1M - Trypsin
    Trypsin is supplied as powder that, in solution, acts to break down protein into its constituent amino acids. The source is mammalian (porcine). Although trypsin will act on many different forms of protein, we have found...

  • AU$58.00 MC23.201M - Pepsin
    Pepsin is a digestive protein found in the highly acidic environment of the stomach. It acts on proteins to break them down to their constituent amino acids. Pepsin is an ideal enzyme for studying the effect of pH because...

  • AU$54.50 Choose Options MC23.261M - Pancreatin
    Pancreatin, 20g Pancreatin is a mixture of digestive enzymes containing amylase (breaks down starch), lipase (breaks down fats), and protease (breaks down proteins).  To observe the multifunctionality of pancreatin,...

  • MC23.31 - Amylase, clarase
    AU$25.00 Choose Options MC23.31 - Amylase, clarase
    Amylase (clarase) is supplied as a light coloured powder. It is a form of ?-amylase that acts on starch (amylose and amylopectin) and breaks it down to simple sugars such as maltose and dextrins. Many organisms, including...

  • MC23.35P - Amylase, diastase
    AU$48.00 Choose Options MC23.35P - Amylase, diastase
    Amylase (diastase) is supplied as a clear yellow/brown liquid.  It is a form of ?-amylase that acts on starch (amylose and amylopectin) and breaks it down to simple sugars such as maltose and dextrins.  Many...

  • AU$28.35 Choose Options MC23.42E - Lipase
    Lipase is a digestive enzyme that hydrolyses the ester bonds of triglycerides to release fatty acids and glycerol (propylene glycol).  As the reaction proceeds, the pH decreases as a result of the rising concentration...

  • MC23.51 - Lactase
    AU$43.60 Choose Options MC23.51 - Lactase
    Lactase is a digestive enzyme that hydrolyses lactose, a sugar found in milk, to glucose and galactose.  In humans, lactase is present in infants, but the gene that regulates its expression can be turned off after...

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