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Rocks and Minerals

  • Tectonic plate boundaries, modeling kit

    How do we know continental plates move? Why do we think the earth is a changing, dynamic planet? Through hands-on investigations, this kit can help your students explore and understand the answers to these questions while developing a concrete knowledge...

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  • Tectonic sandbox

    Watch geologic time unfold in your classroom! The Tectonic Sandbox vividly demonstrates convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries in an easy-to-use, self-contained, hands-on model. Students predict landform creations along tectonic boundaries as...

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  • What mineral is it? chart with mounted specimens

    Mineral identification through step-by-step testing is explored. This teacher's reference chart uses graphics and mounted mineral specimens to assist students in identifying unlabeled mineral specimens. Students can consult the chart with its mounted...

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