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Rocks and Minerals

  • Colourful minerals collection

    Minerals are not just black and white.  Pink, yellow, green and blue minerals in this collection show the many varieties of colourful minerals found in the world.  This collection contains 15 specimens sized approximately 2.5cm x 3.5cm.

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  • Comprehensive school collection

    Comprehensive school collection

    One of the most popular collections, this kit includes specimens from the following areas:     Rock forming minerals     Ore forming minerals     Industrial minerals     Igneous, sedimentary...

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  • How soils are formed collection

    This collection consist of rocks and minerals that break down to become the major components for soils.  Samples of actual soils demonstrating texture and composition as end products are included.  The 15 number-coded specimens are each...

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  • Igneous rock collection

    This collection is regarded as an industry standard for the introduction of intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks.  It contains 15 numbered representative specimens approximately 3.5cm x 3.5cm in a compartmented tray enclosed in a sturdy storage...

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  • Mineral study kit

    This kit is an ideal introduction to minerals.  Students will learn to identify 15 common minerals by observing and testing their physical properties.  An activity guide, magnifying glass, streak plate and nail are included.

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  • Mohs scale of hardness

    This collection is the traditional Mohs Scale which assigned a "hardness" to ten key minerals with talc at #1 (the softest) and diamond at #10 (the hardest.  The first nine minerals are included in this set.  Each is number coded and sized...

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  • Natural crystal collection

    In certain conditions, pure minerals develop into characteristic crystal forms.  This collection includes 15 specimens of various sizes that exhibit crystal forms from the six crystallographic systems.  A study guide that defines and explains...

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  • Rock and rock forming minerals collection

    This collection consist of 24 specimens, each approximately 3cm x 3cm, with six of each of the following types:     Igneous rocks     Sedimentary rocks     Metamorphic rocks     Rock forming...

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  • Rock study kit

    A great introductory kit for studying the basic rock types.  Includes five each of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, an activity guide, and a magnifying glass.

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  • Streak and colour collection

    Some minerals leave a coloured streak on the surface of an unglazed tile that can provide clues about the identity of the mineral.  Students will compare and contrast colour and streak properties of 8 mineral specimens in this collection. ...

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  • Tectonic plate boundaries, modeling kit

    How do we know continental plates move? Why do we think the earth is a changing, dynamic planet? Through hands-on investigations, this kit can help your students explore and understand the answers to these questions while developing a concrete knowledge...

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  • Tectonic sandbox

    Watch geologic time unfold in your classroom! The Tectonic Sandbox vividly demonstrates convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries in an easy-to-use, self-contained, hands-on model. Students predict landform creations along tectonic boundaries as...

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  • Unusual physical properties of minerals collection

    This collection offers an exciting look at some of the most peculiar physical properties exhibited by minerals.  Properties illustrated include double refraction, magnetism, taste, fluorescence, thermal expansion and conductivity.  Fifteen...

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  • What mineral is it? chart with mounted specimens

    Mineral identification through step-by-step testing is explored. This teacher's reference chart uses graphics and mounted mineral specimens to assist students in identifying unlabeled mineral specimens. Students can consult the chart with its mounted...

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