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MC23.65E - Cellulase

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This product is no longer available. Please see further details under the Alternative Products heading below.
Perishable. Goods that are living or perishable. Despatched on Mon, Tues and Wed only. Collection available Mon to Fri after 10am

Product Description

Alternate product available

This product is no longer available. Please refer to product MC23.66E if you need to purchase Cellulase.


The term "cellulase" describes a class of enzymes that break cellulose down into oligosaccharides and ultimately to simple sugars such as glucose.  Bacteria in the digestive tract of herbivores use cellulase to digest cellulose that the animals have eaten.

Cellulase is used commercially in industrial processes such as textile and paper production to prepare the surface of the cellulosic substrate for treatments such as printing and the application of resin finishes.

One of the most promising research topics involving cellulase is to find efficient methods of treating plant and timber industry waste so that its constituent cellulose can be reduced to fermentable sugars for the production of ethanol.


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