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WC33 - Pond II - larger microlife, Chart

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Product Description

Pond II, Larger Microlife.

Large photographs of a variety of larger micro life able to be seen at low magnification (10x to 40x).  Pictures include:

  •   Leech
  •   Planaria
  •   Hydra
  •   Water snail

Crustaceans shown include:

  •      Amphipod
  •      Copepod
  •      Ostracod
  •      Cladoceran

Adult insects displayed include:

  •       Backswimmers (Water Boatman)
  •       Crawling Water Beetle
  •       Short-legged Strider

      Examples of insect larvae including Mayfly, Damselfly, Dragonfly, Mosquito, Midge, Phantom Midge and Predaceous Diving Beetle.

Laminated and in full colour.

Size 61 x 45cm

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