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  • 1/3 Life-Size Muscle Figure, 2-part

    1/3 Life-Size Muscle Figure, 2-part

    The mini muscle figure has (57 cm) strength is in its value. All the superficial musculature of the human form is accurately reproduced and detailed in life like colors in this desktop size of the...

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  • 1000182 - Osteoporosis Model

    1000182 - Osteoporosis Model

    Impressive didactic model for comparing osteoporotic and normal thoracic vertebrae. Ideal for medical studies and patient consultation. The 11th and 12th thoracic vertebrae are shown...

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  • 1000219 - Median Section of the Head

    1000219 - Median Section of the Head

    This relief model shows all relevant structures of the human head in great detail. The median section of the head is a great tool for teaching the important anatomical structures. The high quality...

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  • 1000276 - Circulatory System

    This 1/2 life-size relief model of the human circulatory system details the following anatomical structures: The arterial/venous system Heart Lung Liver Spleen Kidneys Partial skeleton A colorful...

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  • 1000354 - Normal Foot

    1000354 - Normal Foot

    Superficial structures of the human foot are shown in this high quality model. The internal bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves are also represented in this normal foot skeleton. See the anatomy of...

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  • 3B MICROanatomy Liver

    3B MICROanatomy Liver

    This 2-part 3B MICROanatomy? Liver model shows a highly magnified diagrammatic view of a section of the liver. The 3B MICROanatomy? Liver illustrates the structure of the functional and structural...

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  • 3B Scientific Pregnancy Series

    Our most popular series includes 8 models to show the complete stages of development. All models are mounted separately on a stand. 1st Month Embryo 2nd Month Embryo 3rd Month Embryo 4th Month Fetus...

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  • 3B Scientific Pregnancy Series - 5 Models

    This series shows the most important stages of development of embryo or foetus. All models are mounted together on a base. 1st Month Embryo, 2nd Month Embryo, 3rd Month Embryo, 5th Month Foetus...

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  • 3B Torso Guide

    3B Torso Guide

    The 3B Torso-Guide is available without a torso so each teacher can have his/her own private 1st hand copy. The torso guide features: Brilliant colored pictures of each part of the torso Even the...

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  • 6 Mounted Vertebrae

    6 Mounted Vertebrae

    Consisting of atlas, axis, another cervical vertebra, two thoracic vertebrae with inter-vertebral discs and one lumbar vertebra. On stand, removable.

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  • Adult Dentures

    Adult Dentures

    Adult dentures with Tooth roots, spongiosa, vessels, and nerves exposed. The lower jaw is movable on the adult denture model. Adult denture model on base.

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  • Asian Deluxe Head with Neck, 4 part

    Asian Deluxe Head with Neck, 4 part

    The left half of this life-size model in midsagittal section shows the muscles, with nerves, vessels and bony structures and contains a removable brain half. The head is mounted on a detachable neck...

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  • Basic Kidney Section, 3 times full-size

    Basic Kidney Section, 3 times full-size

    The kidney section, colorful and anatomically accurate, model depicts a longitudinal section of the human right kidney. All important structures of the human kidney for student and patient education...

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  • Birthing Process, 5 stages

    Anatomical representation of human birth. 5 stages of the birthing process, mounted individually on bases: Fetus in womb, cervix closed Fetus in womb, cervix open Fetus in womb, start of head...

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  • BONElike Vertebral Column Model

    BONElike Vertebral Column Model

    This anatomical replica of the human spine is a flexible, mounted, true-to-life model of the human vertebral column in excellent BONElike quality. The spine is an original reproduction of all...

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  • Brain Model, 2 part

    Brain Model, 2 part

    Contrasting colors are used to indicate various anatomic structures in the human brain, making this high quality model perfect for beginning anatomy studies of the human brain. Made of unbreakable...

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  • Brain Model, 4 part

    This 4-part brain is medially divided. All structures of the brain are hand-painted, numbered and identified in a product manual. The brain's right half can be disassembled into: Frontal with...

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  • Brain Model, 8 part

    Brain Model, 8 part

    A very detailed model of the human brain which is medially divided. Both halves of this brain can be disassembled into: Frontal with parietal lobes Temporal with occipital lobes Half of brain stem...

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  • Brain Ventricle

    This model shows both side ventricles of the brain, the 3rd and 4th ventricle and the Aquaeductus cerebri (Sylvius). The brain ventricles are life-size. This brain ventricle model is delivered on...

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  • Brain with Arteries, 9 part

    This medially divided deluxe brain model shows the brain arteries. The basilar artery of the brain is removable for added detail. Both halves of this high quality brain model can be disassembled...

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  • Cervical Spinal Column

    Cervical Spinal Column

    This real life replica of the anatomy of the cervical spinal column is a high quality model. Consisting of, occipital plate, the 7 cervical vertebrae with intervertebral discs, cervical nerves,...

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  • Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis

    Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis

    This childbirth model demonstrates the progress of the fetal head through the pelvis during birth. The childbirth demonstration pelvis simulator consists of a female pelvic skeleton with a movable...

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