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G40.04 - blueGel Electrophoresis with built-in illuminator

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Product Description

High quality, fully integrated gel electrophoresis system.

Rapid, reliable results.

  • Compact, high quality design with built in transilluminator.
  • Simple to use –  On/Off button and light, with a solid lid that sits directly on the base, no electrodes protruding from the lid.
  • Runs fast on low voltage (48V).
  • Plugs directly into a power point – no separate power supply needed.
  • Uses low volumes of reagents.

Safe visualisation

  • No ethidium bromide or UV light.
  • Visualise DNA as it separates – utilises blue LED light and a safe green DNA staining dye.
  • Take a picture with your phone, tablet, or camera.
  • Image capture even in brightly lit rooms.
  • Uniform lighting. 


  • Electrophoresis and transillumination unit.
  • One casting platform with integrated comb holder.
  • One buffer chamber.
  • Two gel trays.
  • Two combs, double sided to provide the option of 13-well (up to 10 µL) or 9-well (up to 20 µL) combs.
  • Fold-a-view™ to allow easy photography in brightly lit rooms.
  • Universal power adapter.
  • Carry bag.

Other Details

Unit Size: