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SI30 - SYBR Safe DNA gel stain

  • BluGel chamber. See product code G40.04
  • DNA Stained with SYBR(R) Safe as viewed in BluGel electrophoresis chamber.

Product Description

SYBR® Safe DNA gel stain.

A sensitive DNA stain for use in electrophoresis, SYBR® Safe is supplied as a non-hazardous concentrate that is added to the agarose solution just before pouring into the gel tray.

We offer SYBR® Safe DNA stain for use with the blueGel electrophoresis chamber (G40.04).

The blue LED light source in the base of the blueGel unit provides the excitation illumination to enable visualisation of the DNA. When complexed with DNA, SYBR® Safe absorbs blue light (λmax=502nm) and fluoresces brightly at 530nm.

SYBR® Safe DNA stain is light sensitive. For maximum shelf life, wrap the container in foil to shield the contents from light during storage. Avoid preparing gels more than 4 hours in advance.

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Click here for SDS. Please use this Safety Data Sheet as part of your risk assessment.


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