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GEP1502 - Sickle cell genetics lab: Diagnosing baby Marie

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Product Description

GEP1502: Sickle Cell Genetics Lab: companion DNA

miniPCR™ have produced a fantastic Genetics Lab based on Sickle Cell gene expression. The companion DNA for this Lab is now available from Southern Biological.

For the Lab technical worksheets please visit the miniPCR™ website


Students are presented with a fictional family’s medical history and must work to make a genetic diagnosis. The family depicted in this lab, the Robinson family, has two children, one of whom has had an initial test result indicating possible sickle cell disease.

This hands-on lab activity exposes students to the fundamental principles of DNA analysis comparing patterns of cleaved DNA by gel electrophoresis. Students will gain familiarity with DNA separation techniques and engage in determining DNA fragment size to obtain a genetic diagnosis.

Techniques utilized: DNA gel electrophoresis.
Time required: can be completed in one 45 min. class period
Reagents needed: ‘Sickle Cell Genetics Lab’ reagents kit (included in this product), electrophoresis reagents (available separately)
Suggested skill level: Intended for any student seeking familiarity with DNA gel electrophoresis, genetic disease and diagnosis, from middle school to college.

The Sickle Cell Genetics Lab kit contains reagents for 8 lab groups of up to 5 students each (40 students):

4 DNA samples for fingerprinting analysis
1 tube of DNA molecular weight marker (DNA Ladder)

NOTE:  The DNA samples in this kit are formulated for use with SYBR Safe DNA stain (SI30).  For best results, we recommend running your gels in the blueGel electrophoresis chamber (G40.04).  For use with other electrophoresis chambers, you will need a blue light transilluminator (e.g. G40.75) to visualise the results

Please note:
These reagents require frozen storage.
Microtubes and electrophoresis reagents sold separately.

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