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  • ZoS103 - Structure of Chicken's Egg

    The model shows an unincubated, fertilised chicken's egg, enlarged 6.5 times linearly, in SOMSO-Plast. In one piece. On a stand and green base with explanatory notes.

  • ZoS103/4 - Chicken's Embryo After

    Approximately 50 Hours Incubation Enlarged 54 times linearly, in SOMSO-Plast. The embryo separated from the vitelline mass shows the changes of position caused by the bending of the neck and turning of the anterior body. In one piece. On a stand with...

  • ZoS26 - Domestic Hen

    Natural size, in SOMSO-Plast. Modelled from a natural skeleton. The right side shows the feathers, the left side the organs. By a simple operation, the torso can be taken from the feathers to show the muscular system. The following internal organs are...