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Hanna Test Meters

  • ENV1.40 - Salinity Tester (Salintest)
    AU$195.00 ENV1.40 - Salinity Tester (Salintest)
    Salintest, range of 5.84 to 58.4g/L NaCl This tester is ideal for monitoring the Sodium Chloride concentrations in applications such as  live fish storage tanks, tropical fish aquariums, refrigerated storage and...

  • ENV1.42 - Salinity Tester (Salintest) calibration solution
    AU$40.00 ENV1.42 - Salinity Tester (Salintest) calibration solution
    Please Note: Before ordering this product please review the relevant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as part of a general risk assessment. Click here to download SDS documentation...